Is on a mission to rebalance the world through climate action and as a part of that process just launched 2 new products Patch Radius and CarbonOS. I feel grateful to have been a part of the process, by animating an explainer to each product, as well as creating a custom website hero animation using lottie.

→ 1 Lottie Web animation
→ 2 Explainer videos​​​​​​​
Client: Patch Technologies  
Storyboard:  Elena Gil-Chang
Design:  Elena Gil-ChangRyan Prudhomme
Animation: Rasmus Johan
Sound design: Matthew Klassen

Radius | Patch Webanimation ↓
Custom web animation made for the hero spot at website, using lottie. 
This is a screen recording, go to: for live view.  
CarbonOS | Patch Explainer ↓
Radius | Patch Explainer ↓
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